Professional practice of APEC Architect Register


Registration number of APEC Architect  JP00434
Name  TSUCHIYA Kiyoshi
Business Address
Address 6F Kioicho Park Bldg. 3-6 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
Telephone 080-4104-5675

 ●Project Name TOYOTA Motors Main building
 ●Occupancy headquarter building
 ●Construciton Method S ・ SRC
 ●Size Total Floor Area: 64,772 u 
Number of Stories: 15 above and 1 below ground
 ●Brief description of project ・New face of Global Brand TOYOTA
Kindly curved facade shows hospitability to all the guests who visit here and surroundinging environment in this site is carefully considered to create "Toyota Garden" in front of the porte-cochere.

・"Vertical Village"
With two sets of small void and staircase is installed at between office and elevator lobby, in order to stimulate communication between offce workers.A "Kaizen" is introduced to achieve high productivity in work place.

・High level of safety and reliability
Is ensured by seismic isolation system, in the event of an earthquake or other disasters.

・SustainabIe buildings of a cutting−edge technology
Top level of environmental performance is achieved by employing state-of-the-art technologies and systems, including high-tech curtain wall system, mirror duct system and ambient air−conditioning system.