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Registration number of APEC Architect  JP00430
Business Address
Name Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
Address 2-18-3 iidabashi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 102-8117
Telephone 03-5226-3030

 ●Project Name Iwate Prefectural University
 ●Occupancy niversity
 ●Construciton Method RC ・ S
 ●Size Total Floor Area: 80,845 u 
Number of Stories: 4 above and 0 below ground
 ●Brief description of project Iwate Prefectural University is a newly established university with the basic philosophy to create a new age where nature, science, and humans coexist in harmony. Located to the north of Morioka City on a site that offers a spectacular view of Mt. Iwate, the suburban campus was planned for the expansive, lush environment of a former meadow, a landscape of gentle rolling hills encircled with an avenue of 15-meter-high windbreak larches. To make the most of the rich, natural environment, the design integrates the three-story buildings into the surrounding land contours. Earth-colored materials are used for the exterior walls to present a natural tone.
The campus layout is simple and easy-to-understand. Buildings are interconnected around the university’s center mall extending north and south. Atriums of various sizes were proactively created along major circulation patterns. With these design considerations, Ryo Togashi created an attractive space to enhance person-to-person communication, which is the basic foundation of education.