Professional practice of APEC Architect Register


Registration number of APEC Architect  JP00418
Name  MIYAKAWA Hiroshi
Business Address
Name Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
Address 2-18-3 Iidabashi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo,102-8117
Telephone 03-5226-3030

 ●Project Name Nakanoshima Central tower
 ●Occupancy office
 ●Construciton Method RC ・ S ・ SRC
 ●Size Total Floor Area: 72,921 u 
Number of Stories: 28 above and 2 below ground
 ●Brief description of project Nakanoshima Central Tower is located at Nakanoshima area in Osaka.
Many important and historical architecture, such as osaka city hall, bank of Japan, and Osaka prefectural lib are placed in this area. Two rivers, promenade, and greenery flourish this zone. The volume of this project is very large and the height becomes nearly 150m. That might affect the balance of this beautiful town scape.
The main theme is harmonizing this building with surrounding situation. The exterior wall set-back is as same as next buildings, and exterior finish is grey stone that is also same material of next buildings. The simple rectangular silhouette and regular window pattern makes this calm& gentle.
In order to aboid the noise from an elevated express road next to this building, the building itself is raised 13m from ground level; as a result adequate public place could be displaced at the ground level. Visually and phycically the lower part is linked from south to north, and it becomes pocket park in the high density metropolis.