Professional practice of APEC Architect Register


Registration number of APEC Architect  JP00416
Name  YOKOYA Hideyuki
Business Address
Address Kioicho Park Bldg. 3-6 Kioi-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan
Telephone 03-3237-6357    

 ●Project Name Tohoku Denryoku Honten Building
 ●Occupancy headquarter building
 ●Construciton Method S ・ SRC
 ●Size Total Floor Area: 64,516 u 
Number of Stories: 28 above and 2 below ground
 ●Brief description of project This is the head office of Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc., which is also the center for controlling, commanding and communicating the electric supply. The major objective of this project is surrounding environment harmony, electric-load leveling, energy saving, environment-load reduction and security assurance.The building foundation is designed to be a crescent-moon shape refresh core, with a wireless communication tower on the top. Around the natural air vents and automatic blinds on the ground floor, we build a 3m-high coved ceiling to provide a better view for the office.In addition, we improve the facility management system and energy management system though using various heat reserve system, sunshine shielding/heat insulating facilities, and utilization of natural/free energy like daylight, natural ventilation, outdoor air cooling and heat release etc.