Professional practice of APEC Architect Register


Registration number of APEC Architect  JP00037
Name  SHIMAMURA Yoshizo
Business Address
Name Shimamura Architectural Institute
Address 6F Shizuoka O.N bldg., 2-4-15 Ryogae -cho,Aoi-ku,Shizuoka-shi,420-0032
Telephone 054-273-0713

 ●Project Name Mizoguchi Hospital
 ●Occupancy Hospital (mental hospital)
 ●Construciton Method RC ・ S
 ●Size Total Floor Area: 10,820.43 u 
Number of Stories: 5 above and 0 below ground
 ●Brief description of project The plans of this building were conceived with the purpose of creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Our concern was to make sure that all medical and psychological aspects of the porject had been taken care of in a judicious way. In order to warrant that serenity would pervade every corner of the facilities, we made sure that trees and grass, flowers growing in plain earth and flowers growing in flowerpots should be seen everywhere. We also thought that the whole structure should point to horizontal converging lines that seem to continue indefinitely beyond eyesight but with no curving interruption. Our choice of materials and of heating or climatic systems shows that we have not hesitated in choosing the most adequate and modern apparatus.